Volunteer Recruitment & Placement

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“As Alexis de Tocqueville observed more than 170 years ago, a defining characteristic
of the American people is their commitment to service.” – CNS Service.org


Thomas Cook and Associates believes in the same as Alexis de Tocqueville. Today this ethic remains strong, as across our nation Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities must donate their time and talents to schools, churches, hospitals, and local nonprofits in an effort to improve their communities and serve a purpose greater than themselves. They are beautifying schools and neighborhoods, building homes, cleaning up after disasters, mentoring students, donating professional services, coaching youth sports teams, holding benefit fundraisers, and much, much more. These actions are critically important because volunteering today is a necessary aspect of meeting many of the needs facing our nation. Thomas Cook and Associates provides help to local nonprofit and corporate leaders to target their recruiting efforts more effectively, match local programs with available volunteer resources, fill service gaps, and do an overall better job of retaining their volunteers and interns.

Thomas Cook is one of the rare individuals to discover the essential formula for helping others reaching the top – a powerful combination of marketing insight and a remarkable ability to connect with others. His expertise in Volunteer recruitment and placement as well as corporate Internships have designated him one of the world’s most “connected” individuals. Mr. Cook’s motivational speaking series reaches out to everyone. Learn how to recruit volunteers and Interns effectively in the work place. Discover how to become a great Volunteer in your Dream Volunteer Job. Positions are available today in the Entertainment Industry, Sports, Political Campaigns, Medical, Publicity, Banking, Real Estate, and Non-Profit organization’s across America just to mention a few.

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