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“I’ll Miss You” Dedicated to America’s Heroes


“I’ll Miss You” is dedicated to those families, friends, relatives and loved ones we have lost during this war.

Over 30 students from all across the country will participate in this video project and will take with them back to their hometowns and communities this amazing experience on a local and national PR and media levels. It is my honor to salute these brave men and women for their commitment to our country.

The music video will consist of images of Arlington National Cemetery from a distance that takes you through the paved walkways and ends with a sunset and the changing of the guards.

There will be a real time scrolling role call of all those we have lost. It is my intention and privilege to present a download of the song on my website would like to take part of a living memorial.

Over the many years of my career it has been an honor and privilege to perform as an opening act for Englebert Humperdink, his Royal Highness Prince Charles, various Presidents of the United States and many of America’s top philanthropic non-profit organizations.

DOD “The Department of Defense” has agreed to work with me on my song I’ll Miss You that will be dedicated to the 4,600 service men and women we have lost in this tragic war. It was my honor to have received one of
the nation’s highest rewards from the President of the United States on behalf of my song I composed for the Homeless “Everybody needs a home”.

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